The Story

The Lucky Neko is a short story written by our founder, it is the inspiration for all our handmade creations.

Although it’s just a small science fiction story, it is dedicated to all animal rescue volunteers, non-profit organizations, animal welfare supporters, foster parents, TNR groups- ALL animal avengers. You guys are the real super heroes.

The Lucky Neko


As their home planet consumes itself – Amalia, Sebastian & Lucius are rescued by Alien forms. After having their memories erased, they are adopted by the Royal Family – The Tōrunites.

Years later, they are sent out on missions to infiltrate and explore other planets. The familiarity of one particular planet, brings back old memories. They soon remember it all.

They must now use their newly developed supernatural powers to prevent the ultimate catastrophe for their home planet in a parallel universe.




If you wish to read the story in its entirety, click here.