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These mixed media paintings consist of acrylic paint and ink on canvas and canvas-like paper. Instead of story-telling, it is story-painting – a unique visual memoir.

Mr. Davidson

Paper: 9 x 12in • Acrylic Paint Heavy weight linen finish paper •Acid Free • 246lb/400gsm

Info needed for custom paintings:

  • Photos of Cat or Dog (Max 2 subjects per painting)
  • Notable characteristics or habits – both good and bad
  • Most memorable anecdote
  • Favorite food, toys and/or furniture


Note: Not all details will be included in the painting, only a summary. Please specify if there are any must-haves.
Commissions for these series start at $60* plus shipping.
*Due to the custom nature of these paintings, there is a 50% upfront payment required. However, if you are not 100% happy with the final product, you are not obliged to complete the purchase. Finalized painting will be shipped after Total Payment completion.