My original pins were handpainted on a wooden disc, then coated with resin:

Purrs N Roses

I may still make a few pins using this technique, but for now, these are the new buttons with the most popular designs from last year’s wooden pin collection:

Cat Accessories

Peruvian Textiles

About once a year, I get a haul of delicious goodies – both textiles and snacks – from my Parent’s travels to Peru. The snacks are mostly Andean, such as cheese, Chapla bread (similar to Pita) and Cancha (a type of popcorn) – those disappear almost instantaneously! For years, I didn’t know what to make with the colorful textiles. I never would’ve imagined actually running scissors through them! I saw them as sacred and symbolic representation of the Incas – to cut them would be sacrilege. Gosh, how dramatic. So instead, I would “preserve” them in plastic ShopRite bags in my closet. Sound reasoning, right?  My mom always preaches that things shouldn’t be brought into your home to be stored, things must be used and/or displayed.  So I started by making pillows, then a bandana and now these Fortune Cookies.

They are stuffed with organic catnip.

They are approximately 3 1/2 in. wide.