Millie & Bruce


I  love Cats.

I love Art.

Hello, I’m Millie Wollney. I was born in Lima, Peru in 1985. I’m a self-taught painter based in Northern New Jersey since the late 80s. I’m also a freelance Illustrator, Textile/Accessory Designer, Photographer & Volunteer for FOWA Rescue. Having an inside look at the workings of a non-profit animal rescue group for 8+ years, my mission is to help as many animal welfare organizations as possible. I founded The Lucky Neko in 2016, with a goal to make Delightfully Catty Art for a purpose.  Therefore, a percentage of all sales and commissions go to charity.

I work out of my home studio (which is technically the entire home) under heavy supervision from micro-managers: Bruce (in pic above), Chyna and Mr. Davidson. Luckily, they are also my muse…mews?. Most of my paintings are abstract, my illustrations are silly – my creations, in general, are feline inspired with sci-fi, musical, foodie & somewhat boozy twists. I consider myself an eclectic imaginator. Every week, I try to learn a new craft or a new way to express myself artistically.  I love to create.

For commissions, collaborations and any other interesting opportunities you may have, just send me a message 🙂






Here are a few of my FOWA Supermeowdels:


Behind the Scenes 

with Photography Assistant and husband, Yutaka-San!